Maid for Me Book Publication by Bomee

2009-09-20 19:57:23 by Bomee

I'm finally getting a book published, titled Maid for Me! Look for the Book on October 18, 2009 on my site and for a new dating sim following the book's storyline around the same time! :)


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2009-09-20 20:35:52

What the book is going to be about? I wonder if it is interesting.


2009-09-20 21:13:45

How do you post on the front page?
You don't have any trophies


2009-09-20 22:04:30

It's great to see people's ideas getting published, hope sales go well :). What's the book about anyway?


2009-09-21 09:16:11



2009-09-21 14:12:59

ill check it out cuz 10/18 is my bday :D


2009-09-29 11:20:30

Congratulations!! I'm sad though cause i won't be able ot read it because i leave in Cyprus!! I hope your sales go very well!! Good luck!!


2009-10-05 12:48:49

Hope it goes very well for you XD <3 all your sims games. I love your Moonlight Sims much more because your drawing was starting to really flourish. Love your work on Nevaeh most of all. Im also an aspiring Author so hope that your book suceeds and we see many more. Hopefully some of the also a bit more darker as you do Dark very very well XD Good luck.


2009-11-11 19:37:38

i've been excited about the game that'll be coming with it. :D any ideas as to when it'll be up?