New Dating Sim December 2008

2008-07-20 19:39:12 by Bomee

I've been browsing through all the critiques and comments and I agree, though, I've lost the touch from the earlier game, the original Dating sim for girls which was creative, fun, and complete with a soul-- my new sims have engaging plots but then the gameplay is bland. Hopefully this will not be the case with the newest Maid for Me Dating Sim, to celebrate the 55% chance I will have a first novel publication in 2009-2010. Hope this new game won't disappoint. I will be working hard on the graphics and gameplay :)



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2008-07-20 19:39:52



2008-07-20 21:39:15

Sorry, But Jade is the queen. and Good luck!


2008-07-21 15:01:33

Good luck with it


2008-07-25 04:06:00

Yay I'm really excited to see how this will turn out. Please keep submitting to new grounds I love you're games.


2008-07-27 20:49:38

Yay! Good luck, I know you can do a great job :)
I'm sooo excited to play this!


2008-08-30 08:12:28

Hmmm so what happening with the midnight sim i lked that 1 the best


2008-08-30 12:42:32

oh my god ;D . im so exited,i can`t wait ur new game :) . I think ur all game are really good,i like story line best.Good luck!


2008-10-04 13:17:11

so close yet so far i like this kind of games


2008-10-29 11:06:15

Hey.Your games are cool :)


2008-11-26 19:02:49

hey bomee:) gud luck on being the portal queen. like wise, although, jade is the queen. but still, good luck. I love your flash games. Jenna Moonlight dating sim is my inspiration, i really love that game:). always keep up the good work bomee. good luck on becoming a queen. I'll always support you:]


2008-12-26 21:32:23

hi! lover your games i always get with the demon guys there awsome :3 maby next you can make a game where your a demon princess and all the guys are demons >w<


2009-01-12 03:15:48

where is the new dating sim? this already past december... :(


2009-01-25 06:43:40

your submissions are really good!


2009-01-28 13:47:31

Aaaaw..., I'm sure that whtever you come up with, is worth playing all-the-way^^ I became a fan just recently, but I'm addicted to your Dating Sims ;3


2009-02-09 11:11:49

Good luck bomee!! jur flash's rock!


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