Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim RPG

2008-04-21 00:36:08 by Bomee

Nummyz Productions

The First Dating Sim of 2008 from Nummyz.com will arrive on or before May 8, possibly before or after the Pico Day craziness where your flashes are always pushed away by crazy amounts of Pico-related flash entries!

This dating sim will feature better graphics and more interactivity, along with what my dating sims are know for, NO-HEntai, and a great storyline~

Stay tuned!



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2008-05-03 13:22:47

luv ur games ive played all of them great job


2008-05-04 03:25:46

You're still alive here? Well anyway, I do like your games (though I'm not female) and it's nice to see a dating sim that doesn't consist of just trying to bed or the such. Keep up the good work!

Bomee responds:

yes i'm still alive here lol. I put all my sim games here at least lol! :)


2008-05-05 09:41:47

I lve all your games, even thought I'm a dude.
They're just magnificent =3


2008-05-27 07:49:38

Horay ^^! I was beginning to think there'd be no new datingsims from you :( Love all your games :3 can't wait for more O.<


2008-06-03 22:21:42

i like it


2008-06-11 21:57:34

i played you rjenna moonlight game and it was beautiful... it made me think their is love in the world still... anyways i loved the piano music ans stas' music... i hope to see even more from you. ps im a gay and im not gay. at all. im just sensitive...


2008-06-11 21:58:40

pps i accidentally said "im a gay" what i meant to say was im a guy lol sorry for double posting


2008-06-27 05:06:54

i love all you games and i was wundering if u could plz do somthing for me i have no idea how to make games but i have lots of i ideas so if you ever have idea block (lol) plz send me a messgae im not try to be a spamer just asking so thx agen love ur games bu bye 4 nowz!!


2008-07-02 22:54:54

Dunno if you've seen this...someone copied like, half the story from Moonlight. Lol. http://www.quizilla.com/stories/74357 65/the-blood-prince
Oh and looking forward to it.


2008-07-18 08:31:25

how do u use the smilys? ive been tryin to figure that out!!! ;D


2008-07-18 18:44:31

nice page