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Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 is Here

2011-12-21 23:31:49 by Bomee

Enjoy! You can also play it on our website:
Kal 2!

Have a wonderful holiday and awesome new year. Can't wait to share our new games with you in 2012!!!


Newest Dating Sim

2011-05-24 22:56:42 by Bomee

new dating sim called kaleidoscope to come out June 8, 2011! stay tuned :)

Play it on!

MAID FOR ME my novel on sale!

2009-11-19 21:22:53 by Bomee

MAID FOR ME for sale
My debut novel for sale! Please check it out! :)

MAID FOR ME my novel on sale!

I'm finally getting a book published, titled Maid for Me! Look for the Book on October 18, 2009 on my site and for a new dating sim following the book's storyline around the same time! :)

Moonlight Dating Sim II is out!

2009-07-19 21:23:28 by Bomee

play it here
! :) Have fun~

Moonlight Dating Sim II

2009-03-08 19:16:32 by Bomee

My newest dating sim Purra Academy is now out on
I'll put it up on Newgrounds next week.

I'll be releasing Moonlight Dating Sim II featuring Fantom and Jenna Moonlight in July 2009
stay tuned! :)


New dating sim March 2009

2009-02-22 21:11:42 by Bomee

Time to work hard on a new non-hentai dating sim for this year. I've been very busy, and have been researching new releases of dating sims, and when I come upon ways made by teens, and they're reall good, it makes me want to step up my game. I've done everything on my own in the past, and my games reflect shoddiness I know, But I thank you for continued support. I will work hard to make great games this year.


New Dating Sim December 2008

2008-07-20 19:39:12 by Bomee

I've been browsing through all the critiques and comments and I agree, though, I've lost the touch from the earlier game, the original Dating sim for girls which was creative, fun, and complete with a soul-- my new sims have engaging plots but then the gameplay is bland. Hopefully this will not be the case with the newest Maid for Me Dating Sim, to celebrate the 55% chance I will have a first novel publication in 2009-2010. Hope this new game won't disappoint. I will be working hard on the graphics and gameplay :)


Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim RPG

2008-04-21 00:36:08 by Bomee

Nummyz Productions

The First Dating Sim of 2008 from will arrive on or before May 8, possibly before or after the Pico Day craziness where your flashes are always pushed away by crazy amounts of Pico-related flash entries!

This dating sim will feature better graphics and more interactivity, along with what my dating sims are know for, NO-HEntai, and a great storyline~

Stay tuned!


2008 the first dating sim!

2007-12-28 23:38:09 by Bomee

will be a cute fantasy one~ stay tuned~ still original storyline with original characters, drawn with my mouse, and without hentai! yaaaa